Servetogether Foundation manages a specialized need based healthcare support centre for children at Dept. of Paediatric Orthopaedic department, Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health , Bengaluru. This centre is supported by MICRO LABS LIMITED.

  • Pediatric Orthopedic Care :
    More than 60 patients benefited so far

  • Diabetic care in Children :
    Supporting Glucometer and strips

  • Physiotherapy Equipments to IGICH:
    Donated 23 equipment to Dept

  • Wheel Chair Support


Servetogether Foundation sponsers the treatment and requirement of needy children as per need.

Donation Activity

Servetogether Foundation collects donation to fulfill the requirements of the childrens treatment.

Become Volunteer

Servetogether Foundation is welcomes persons from every field to volunteer with us to serve the cause.

Providing Need based Health support.

  • Children suffer from several other ailments which hamper their growth and development. STF is committed to their health and well being. This will ensures a better future for them. STF believes that a child with any birth deformity or health defect deserves the attention of the society for treatment.
  • There are several welfare health schemes flagged by the Indian government and also the state governments to cover the rural and poor population. However there are some who are unable to access these benefits due to many reasons such as if they are migrants from other parts of the country, or they don't possess required certificates. STF aims to identify such vulnerable children and provide them need based health support for physiotherapy, surgery or medicinal support.
  • Whereas preference is given to children, however effort is done to provide need based support to adults who also don't have access to any specialized health care facility.
Micro Labs ltd is playing major donor who can help in Indira Gandhi Institute of child Health
  • Donated Physiotheraphy equipments to INDIRA Gandhi Institute of Child Health
  • Support finance for surgeries under orthopedic dept who is not eligible for Govt Schemes
  • Donated Glucometer for Diabetic children who is not affordable to buy

How you can do what we do

Most people have never heard of clubfoot or know it devastates the life of a child if left untreated. With simple treatment ( Ponseti Method ) and less cost effects , Servetogether frees kids from disability and transforms their lives physically and spiritually. But we need YOUR help.

STF is a community driven by dignity and compassion for vulnerable children and their families committed to ending the treatable disability of clubfoot through Your Help.

Rs.10000 /- can provide complete treatment for one child

Rs.1000 /- can provide one pairs of Special shoe (We need approximately 8 Special shoes for a child)

Need based Support (NBS) : Migrated children looking for help , who are not eligible for Government Health Schemes due to no identity proof in local,some of them who don't even have BPL cards, who need surgeries and Laboratory Investigation etc is causing more burden .Some of them need Orthotic Prosthetic ,Rollator, Wheelchair etc.

Diabetic Care : Need of Glucometer - 400 per year, strips, recombinant growth hormone Insulin etc.

It will cost from Rs.1000 /- to Rs.20000 /- as per need it may be different per each patient.

Our amazing partners in
making world a better place

By donating to Servetogether Foundation you are saving a clubfoot child from being permanently disabled.